Guidelines for Annual academic sessions scientific work submissions

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  1. Abstracts of free papers should be confined to 250 words, and arranged in the order of Objective, Methodology, Results and Conclusions.
  2. Case report summaries should be sent in less than 150 words, with a clear objective of why the case is important to be presented at the sessions. Case report summaries without clarifying the objective for presentation will be not considered for selection.
  3. The names of the authors should be clearly stated with the last name followed by the initials without any designations (E.g. Brown A.D., White D.C). The name of the presenter should be underlined.
  4. Presentation time for free papers is 8 minutes with discussion time of 2 minutes; total time 10 minutes.
  5. Presentation time for case reports is 4 minutes per case with discussion time of 2 minutes. Total time 6 minutes.
  6. Do not send photographs or additional material with the abstract.
  7. Only registered delegates will be allowed to read free papers at the sessions.
  8. Multimedia facilities are available for presentations. Overhead or slide projectors will be NOT available.
  9. Ethical approval letter should be submitted where relevant.

All submissions are reviewed by the abstract evaluation committee and the decision will be notified.