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DJ Premachandra Educational Grant

The following are the conditions which would govern the grant of money to ENT Senior Registrars (i.e. post MD Trainees) & newly qualified consultants, for an educational course in ENT, from the fund created by the donation (Rs One million) given by Mr. D.J. Premachandra.

The council of the college will contribute a similar amount (i.e. One million Rupees) to this fund so that the total amount of the fund will be Rupees two million.

  1. The fund would be named DJ Premachandra Educational grant
  2. The amount of money granted would be 2/3 of the course fee and travel expenses, up to a maximum equal to the annual interest collected from the fund,
  3. The candidate would be chosen by calling applications from Senior Registrars and consultants up to seven years after board certification.
  4. The college council will identify the suitable courses and inform the members / advertise in the web and call for applications.
  5. Criteria for selection – Candidates (up to two) who collect maximum points on the point scheme given below will be selected.
    1. Undergraduate and postgraduate
      For First attempt pass in selection examination (MD/MS PART 1) two points and for first attempt pass in MD/MS two points.
    2. Research & Publications by the candidate
      Three points for each article published in peer reviewed Journals, One point each for published abstracts (Maximum of 6) & three points for the best paper award of annual session of CORLHNS.
    3. Duration in the specialty
      Number of years after MD till Board certification – one point per year (maximum of three). Post Board certification – two points per year.
  1. The candidates need to make their order of preferences for the advertised educational courses in their applications.
  2. Any member who receives the grant would not be eligible to apply for a second time within the next 3 years
  3. Any member who fail to attend the course without a valid reason , after being selected will not be eligible to apply for the grant again
  4. Any member who receives money from this fund should declare that no other funding is granted for the same course by any other person or company
  5. The final decision regarding the selection would be taken by the college council.